Pectinidae production

2005 : 1 265 000 tonnes
+9 % compared with 2004 


Scallop aquaculture started to produce more than fisheries as early as 1992. Historically, Japan was the first country to start producing scallops, with the Japanese scallop, using two techniques : suspended culture in lantern nets or on ropes, or on-bottom sowing. Production is split between these two culture methods.





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China has developed a scallop culture industry since the 1980s with the introduction of a species from South America, Agropecten irradians. Culture of this species is often associated with shrimp farming and the rearing of the Japanese scallop Patinopecten yessoensis.

Both Japanese and Chinese scallop aquaculture regressed in the period 97-98 but have since recovered with production totals stabilising around 1.3 million tonnes.

Production of another scallop Agropecten purpuratus has developed in South America, mainly on the coasts of Chile and Peru. These scallops are exported to Europe.

FAO 2007 (2005 production) All production data are given in total weight (flesh + shell)