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World aquaculture data 2005French aquaculture website has been updated with data FAO 2010 corresponding to 2008 production.

For several years, the Ifremer centre in Brest organised an information week for students and teachers on the theme of "Aquaculture and Environment".

Although this event has not taken place since 2006, we decided to keep the data on this website up to date for the aquacultural aspects. There is another Ifremer web site dedicated to the environmental aspects at:


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Warning! The figures given in this document are mostly from the FAO, the only official reliable source. The time taken to obtain national data and to treat it mean that the figures and their notes correspond to 2007 production. 
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An introduction is first given on the status of aquaculture on European and Worldwide scales
Detailed presentations are then made of :

  • Shellfish farming 
  • Crustacean production 
  • Production of algae and other aquatic plants 
  • Fish farming


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