World production

Trends in world mollusc production


In 2005, worldwide mollusc aquaculture produced 13,468 million tonnes (an increase of 2.34 % compared with 2004) with a value of 11.4 billion dollars.

Mollusc aquaculture is mainly done in Asia but significant production also takes place on other continents, with the exception of Africa.


Production trends for families of mollusc


The most commonly produced family is the Ostreidae (oysters) with more than 4.6 million tonnes. Then come the Vereridae (clams) at 3 million tonnes, the Mytilidae (mussels) and the Pectinidae (scallops). The last family, Solecurtidae, corresponds to a species produced solely in China.

Main mollusc species in aquaculture


Nine species account for 85 % of worldwide production; Pacific oyster alone represents one third of mollusc aquaculture

FAO 2007 (2005 production) All production data are given in total weight (flesh + shell).