Research Support

Major research efforts have been necessary to master the reproduction and farming of captive juveniles of marine species.

In the eighties, Ifremer played a key role in knowledge and technique acquisition in this domain, especially for turbot and bass.

Until a recent date, Ifremer was involved in the development of salmonidae farming in France, in cooperation with INRA, in its fattening installations located in sheltered marine environment.

Owing to its expertise capabilities, Ifremer is often asked to work with developing countries that wish to organize sustainable aquaculture activities.

Its research works currently follow two priority axes, with the bass as the target species.

The sustainability of the production systems

  • fish farming-environment interaction
  • closed circuit farming control

The breeding quality

  • better knowledge on nutrition and composition of substitution food of vegetal origin
  • better knowledge on reproduction in controlled conditions
  • research for quality indicators at each level of the industry
  • study of the behavior and of the well being criteria of farmed fish
  • research in genetics

The corb, whose development in sub-tropical zone is promising, is the object of an integrated research project.