Brackish and Marine environments

Crab production


The overall production trend of crab aquaculture is linked to Chinese aquaculture, with a fresh water crab species and one that grows in brackish water. Production of the mud crab is relatively limited.

Marine shrimp production


The marine shrimp reared in aquaculture are Penaeid shrimp (92 % of worldwide production). This form of shrimp farming is mainly done in tropical environments. It is a relatively recent part of the aquaculture industry, having started in the 1980s.

Rock lobsters


Among the large decapods, only scampi are reared in aquaculture. Production remains low, amounting to a few tens of tonnes. The numerous larval stages of these animals make rearing difficult. Lobster rearing is fully understood, but after repopulation trials in France, and small scale rearing in Canada, this activity was discontinued.

FAO 2007 (2005 data)