Proportions of fisheries / aquaculture

Relative proportions of world fisheries and aquaculture output in 2005

Reminder: Total production Aquaculture + Fisheries = 157.5 million tonnes


With a total production of 59.4 million tonnes (animals and plants) aquaculture represented more than a third of aquatic production in 2005, showing an increase of 8 % compared with the previous year.

FAO 2007 (2005 data)

Relative proportions of aquaculture/fisheries in different countries


A diversity of different situations appears, from ‘fisher’ countries like Norway and Ecuador, to more ‘aquacultural’ countries like Malta and Macedonia (2004 data, FAO 2006).

And as for France…


Mainland France, with 27% of its aquatic production total coming from aquaculture (31% in 2000), is close to the world average.