Aquacultural production totals of different countries

Principal aquacultural countries in 2005

Aquacultural production (animals and plants) 


There are 12 Asian countries in the 16 top world producers in terms of quantity. China is by far the furthest ahead with a production over 40 million tonnes. India and Indonesia exceed 2 million tonnes. The highest producing country outside of Asia is Chile, in front of Norway and Egypt. France is in 17th position.

Animal production


If we consider only animal production, the ranking changes slightly; China is still very much ahead with more that 30 million tonnes, but certain countries like Indonesia, the Philippines and North Korea move down. France moves to 16th place.

Apart from certain countries with a high standard of living (Japan and Europe), high values per kg reflect aquaculture for exportation (e.g. Indonesia and Chile). These contrast with lower values for China, India or Egypt, where there is subsistence aquaculture.

FAO 2007 (2005 data)