Marine Fish Farming

Production of Marine Fish


Marine fish farming is relatively recent. In 2005, salmon culture (described in more detail on another page) accounted for a high proportion (54.3 %).

Production of marine fish apart from salmonids


Before 1980, amberjack (while rectangle with red circle) accounted for almost all marine aquacultural production. Dependant on a supply of fished wild juveniles, this capture-based aquaculture remained stable at around 160 000 tonnes. In contrast, other species have seen a considerable increase in production (x 47 since 1980), with an increasing diversification. Only 17 species were reared in aquaculture in 1980, but by 2005 there were over 70. The principle species produced include horse mackerel, red seabream, European seabass and seabream, other Percidae and mullets.

FAO 2007 ( 2005 data )