Farmed Shrimp Health in New Caledonia

Published on 16 february 2009

The results of the multidisciplinary research project Desan
S, for Défi Santé
Stylirostris health challenge, are now available in a paperback published by Quae Editions (in French)

The knowledge status of Norwegian aquaculture research

Published on 2 march 2009

The Research Council of Norway recently published a status of the knowledge in Norwegian aquaculture research.
This synthesis is available on line, in English (written by Anne Ditlefsen).

Standard for live and raw bivalve molluscs

Published on 16 february 2009

The Codex Alimentarius Commission has just published the standard for live and raw bivalve molluscs.
Without substituting to the european sanitary regulation, this document represents the international reference in the bounds of the World Trade
Organization, WTO.